Friday, August 18, 2006

So I dowloaded Majestic twelve for free

I downloaded the Majestic Twelve for free. A friend told me to and I am telling you. That is the deal of the bargain.
I listen for free and If I lo=ike it, I tell a friend.
The name of the album is Schizophrenology,,

It's all about what you eat ... one time a bag a
> 'shrooms made the queen show the best I ever saw ...
> then I sobered up... no it's all about what you eat
> 'cause drugs can change your outlook on the concert
> or
> album or whatever.
> So I always preface my review with what I ate that
> day
> ... where I slept and how my day was ... if it's a
> bad
> day sometimes the song is right on and gives you
> that
> emotion and balls to quit that fucking job ... and
> tell your boss to take a long walk off a short plank
> ... it's all fate man ... to hear those words from a
> song and to know ...Yeah "Fuck you pig man! I don't
> need this fucking job!!!"
> Knowing you are in line with the planets and all
> that
> yes ... that makes it easier... I may not know where
> I
> am sleeping tomorrow but the freedom to know that
> that
> is a choice ... it's all about change.
> Okay so Majestic Twelve ...
> I went to their website and saw the free downloads
> of
> the album I thought that was great. A put your money
> where your mouth is attitude. I mean if it's good
> then
> you pay later. And people have paid later......
> I've seen a lot of bands and let me tell you ... you
> can't get it sitting on the couch. The point is, in
> a
> world of confusion and technology advances war
> Schizophrenoloigy gives you a taste of many
> different
> things ... unbalanced ... unsure ... so many
> questions.
> But the Majestic Twelve leaves you with one other
> question. Are you going to be honest and man enough
> to
> send in your PAYPAL after you listen? I think you
> will.